Outdoor fireplaces by Jotul

According to Norse history in reference to creation, in the beginning there was nothing. The only elements were heat, cold, day and night. Between these elements there was nothing. But there – right in the centre of day and night – all life would have its origin at the crossroads between ice and fire.
Flames have been part of human history for millions of years and fire has been used both to create heat, for protection, cooking and as a work tool.
Norwegians love to get cosy and take advantage of the outdoors. There is defiantly something special about sitting around a fire – looking at the flames, listening to the rustling of the fire.
An outdoor fireplace will help you stay warm when the weather turns colder. Even in the winter season, you will be able to sit on your fur rugs around the fire well into the small hours of the night.
Here you will discover Jotuls exciting range of outdoor fireplaces that will help you stay warm when the weather is cold

Jotul Terrazza

Hareide Design developed Jøtul Terrazza – the outdoor fireplace that is designed to blend in with stylish garden furniture and well planned landscaping. It is made from corten steel to get that modern, oxydised surface finish quickly.

The Jøtul Terrazza is just as well-suited to be used as a traditional grill as an outdoor fireplace. The spark catcher is designed in a way that allows you to keep one side open if you want.

Grilling Grid
Spark Catcher

Jotul Loke

This Outdoor fireplace creates a warm and cosy mood so that you can spend even longer evenings outside.

Jotul Loke lets you be close to the open flames with its tall and sturdy design – a robust fireplace that can be left outside during all seasons.

It is designed both as a fireplace to provide atmosphere and warmth and to be used for grilling, there is also a base plate available, to protect the surface beneath the fireplace.

Available in Rough corten steel.

Practical storage in the base.