Cassette & Inset Stoves


With a wood-burning stove from HWAM, you can heat up your living room with a clear conscience. Burning of wood is a CO2 neutral process. The wood simply releases the same amount of CO2 that it would if it were decomposing naturally on the forest floor. When you fire in a HWAM stove, the chimney lets out mainly water vapour which has only a minimal impact on the environment. This is the result of years of development to ensure that their stoves are highly efficient, utilising nearly all the energy in the wood.
At HWAM, we only develop stoves that meet the most rigorous standards, and even now, we more than satisfy EU’s future requirements on particulate matter emissions which will not be implemented until 2022″.


Heat from NORWAY
Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Building on a proud Norwegian heritage, they have combined fine craftsmanship with the art of coping with the cold for 160 years.
“Our passion for heating and our long experience of mastering the Scandinavian climate has taught us that heat is more than what can be measured with a thermometer”.


As proud manufacturers of some of the best EcoDesign Ready woodburning, multifuel, gas and electric stoves with a pedigree of over 30 years, you can invest in an ACR stove with confidence.


Contura is completely Swedish!
The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts. The stoves are quality controlled before leaving the factory in Markaryd. “This gives us full control over the quality in all stages of production. We take care to ensure that the stoves are suitable for the modern home and conditions. We are proud to mark our stoves “Made in Sweden”.
Contura is the leading manufacturer of stove products in Scandinavia and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.
Exeter Stoves and Chimneys now officially have one of the largest display of Contura stoves in the whole of the UK and have been classified as a Contura Design Centre.


Clearview began their quest to design a Stove that would set a new industry standard and be conscious of the environment in 1987. Since then, their skilled team have been working to produce a range of stoves now considered to be some on the finest in the world. Their passion for wood and real fires is captured in each of their designs as they aim to manufacture stoves with traditional styling, with a wonderfully high efficiency and beautifully simple to use.


Scan designs finely engineered heating furniture. In addition to always leading with cutting edge features and tailored options, Scan products are also immediately recognizable for their iconic expression of contemporary Danish design.
Living in the moment, Scan’s creativity, open-mindedness and search for fresh inspiration helps pull the industry forward. Its products always explore new ideas and concepts that extend the boundaries of what is possible in a fireplace.
Scan makes heating more than just a practical and functional matter – it’s about cutting edge interior design and a contribution to innovative modern living.